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O delavnici

 Tokratni knjižni klub Pravo telo za vas bo potekal samo v ' lahkem' angleškem jeziku. 

It's about recognizing how you are creating and communicate with your body.

It's about discovering whether you have the body that your body wants to be - and what you need to do to create the body your body whishes to be.

We start on 26th July. And will exploring this awesome book true zoom facilitation 6 evenings ( 26th July/ 28th July/ 30 th July/ 2nd August/ 4th August/ 6th August/ 8 th August

We are reading the book Right body for you by authors Gary M. Douglas and Donnielle Carter.

You can also ask the questions. It will be also facilitating calls.

Price 110 USD / 100 eur


Vabljeni tudi v telegram skupino, kjer izveste med prvimi:


Energijske vleke vodim Maruša Potokar Access Consciousness Certificirana facilitatorica


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Heading 1

26. jul. 2022

Online: Book club Right body for you in English language with Maruša

100 €

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26. julij 2022

6. avgust 2022






100 €



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